Boost customer satisfaction, eliminate labor-intensive operations, and grow your community with the Enta outdoor sports platform.

Instant access, no waiting in-line

Traditional point-of-sale is on its way out. Enta's digital check-ins automate and digitize the entire process of paying, signing legal docs, ticketing and verifying customers can access your facility, product or service.
Member Passes

Goodbye plastic, hello convenience

Printing and shipping plastic membership passes is costly, wasteful, and frankly - it’s unnecessary.

Go digital and reduce costs, increase consumer convenience and save the planet.
Sessions & Events

Bookings made specifically for outdoor sports

Manage your activity & session schedule by setting opening times, visitor limits and defining ticket types.

Run special events too, and promote them to the wider community of Enta thrill-seekers - getting the attention they deserve!
Tribe Credit

Cancellation handling is now a distant memory

The tribe-credit system allows consumers to manage cancellations themselves and simplifies accounting on your end.

Define time limits (such as a 2 day cancellation window) and users who cancel will receive tribe credit to use at your facility in the near future.
Parent-Child Linking

No more sad faces

With Enta parents can add their children to their account in advance, pay-for passes and digitally sign legal docs on their behalf.

No need to turn minors down at the door anymore!
Enterprise features to help large outdoor communities, operators and brands succeed.

A digital space for your community to thrive

Each outdoor community has its own culture, physical risks, logistics and objectives.

Larger businesses & groups can white-label our app & tech stack. This way you have a separate digital space to manage, engage and transact outdoor experiences.

Great customer experience requires great integration

Getting system integration right is essential in delivering cutting-edge customer experiences. We prioritize this.

We integrate with your current business process automation (BPA), customer relationship management (CRM), and business intelligence (BI) reporting tools.
Custom Modules

Sport-specific module development

Each outdoor sport has its nuances and we’re ready to engage on your unique requirements - with custom module development.